OBUS Reflexology Shea Butter Creams and Massage Oils - formulated for people with sensitive or fragile skin. 

Perfect For:

✿ Clients who have dry, itchy and sore skin due to cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and hormonal treatments.

✿ Pregnant clients whose skin has become extra sensitive because of the hormonal changes in their bodies as the pregnancy progresses.

✿ Elderly clients whose skin (especially on the shins) has become thin and fragile due to medication or age.

✿ And, naturally, anyone with sensitive skin.

Christine Courtney, an expert in Aromatherapy and natural skincare, formulates Obus Reflexology Shea Butter creams and Massage Oils. They are made with natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing for the skin.  They are free from synthetic fragrances, sulphates, parabens, and other harmful toxic chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. 

OBUS Reflexology Shea Butter Cream

The Reflexology Shea Butter Cream heals skin while working the reflexology points.

Applying some cream before or after your client’s treatment helps heal dry, cracked skin. It also helps your fingers and thumbs work smoothly and effectively as you work into the Reflexology points.

The amazing texture of OBUS Reflexology Shea butter cream helps you to add a rhythmic and slow massage to the beginning or the end of your treatment, adding another layer of relaxation to your amazing Reflexology treatment.

Shea Butter is a powerful ingredient

OBUS Reflexology Shea Butter cream was developed to enhance the therapist and client's experience of their Reflexology treatment and to safely and naturally bring relief to dry or compromised skin.

Two of the active ingredients are Shea butter and Thistle oil. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating. It also increases microcirculation in the skin, and by increasing microcirculation it oxygenates the skin. Oxygenation of the skin repairs cracked heels, fissures, and skin ulcers. Our Shea Butter Cream is deeply moisturising and prevents the loss of moisture. 

Thistle oil is a very light oil that penetrates into the skin to moisturise the layers below the epidermis. 

OBUS Blended Massage oil

Our Blended Massage Oils Are Formulated for A Better Experience

OBUS Blended Massage oils offer perfect slippage and glide while providing controlled movement during your massage treatment. The essential oil formula will ensure there is a deeper, longer, and more profound outcome to your massage treatment and your client will feel the difference.

OBUS Blended Massage Oils Find The Perfect Balance

When formulating a massage oil blend with essential oils, it is important to consider the therapeutic window:

• The smallest volume of essential oils to achieve a therapeutic outcome.


• The greatest volume of essential oils that can be used without having an adverse effect.

Ensuring the dilution of the formula sits somewhere between both of those criteria will ensure an effective therapeutic and safe blend. When the therapeutic window is not considered, you end up with a massage oil that smells nice but is ineffective or irritating.

Christine has been blending essential oils in the OBUS Clinic for over 20 years and the OBUS Blended Massage Oils are created to be therapeutically active for most of the common conditions we see in clients.

Hydrating Reflexology Cream

OBUS Reflexology Shea Butter Cream elevates the standard Reflexology treatment by providing deep hydration to heal dry, cracked skin and enhancing the massage experience with its unique texture. Crafted with active ingredients like anti-inflammatory Shea butter and deeply penetrating Thistle oil, the cream not only improves microcirculation but also offers long-lasting moisture to rejuvenate both the therapist's and the client's skin.

Blended Reflexology Creams

Therapeutic Massage Oil

OBUS Blended Massage Oils enhance the massage experience by offering optimal slippage for controlled movement, while the carefully formulated essential oil blends ensure a therapeutic, lasting impact on the client. Created by Christine with over 20 years of essential oil blending experience, these oils are not only safe but therapeutically active, targeting common conditions clients face, thanks to a well-calibrated dilution that sits within the "therapeutic window" for effectiveness without irritation.

Blended Massage Oils