Avocado Vegetable Oil Organic

Persea gratissima

Moisturising and Protecting

Size: 100ml
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The phytosterol content of Avocado oil supports the production of collagen in the Dermis.  This strengthens the skin and prevents age spots.  It helps regenerate tissue, calms inflammation and protects the barrier function of the skin.

It is high in carotenoids which provide natural protection against the effects of the sun but is not an alternative to using a sun factor on your skin. 

It is a deep rich green colour and has a slight odour. 

It is rich in vitamins A, B, and E. 

Therapeutic use:  Moisturises, Repairs, Collagen production 
Action in a blend: Anti-aging, Dry scaly skin, Protecting
Use in blend at: 5%-15%         


How To Use

Add to a massage blend or a skin care product at 5%-15% for clients with:
Dry skin
Scaly skin
Sun damage skin
Age Spots
To help essential oils penetrate deeply and absorb quickly

For external use only
Store in a cool dry place but not in a refrigerator

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