Organic Fennel Aromatic Water

Foeniculum vulgare organic

Eases digestive discomfort

Size: 200ml
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Fennel water is a powerful digestive aid helping to relive bloating and gas.  It helps to promote peristalsis and reduce digestive spasms.  It can help ease heartburn, reflux and a feeling of fullness.   

Smell note: Has a sweet liquorice smell
Therapeutic use: Digestive aid, Relieves Bloating, Eases Flatulence
Uses: Herbal Tea, Compress

How To Use

Add 10ml to warm water and drink as a soothing drink to aid digestion and relieve bloating

Use undiluted or diluted 1 to 4 in warm or cold water. Soak a cloth in the aromatic blend and apply the breast to help lactation

See how to use essential oils safely and therapeutically under our Learn menu

What's In The Bottle?

Rose water distilled from organic rose petals

Not for use in pregnancy
For children under 6 dilute one teaspoon in a glass of water

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