Protection Essential Oils Blend

Formerly Hygiene Blend

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This blend contains essential oils which are high in Phenols, Aldehydes and Ethers, making it a highly antimicrobial oil which offers protection to every system in the body.   It is a synergistic blend of some of the most powerful essential oils available.  It is most effective when used in diffusion and personal inhalers.  

Smell Note

Strong medical aroma with lovely lemony note

Therapeutic Use Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral
Mental & Emotional Comforting and Uplifting
Use In

Diffuser, Inhaler stick

How To Use

When there are bugs around, fill your space with this wonderful uplifting herbal blend,
Add 8-10 drops in a diffuser with water

To support your immune system during flu season - Hold the aroma-stick under your nose and take a deep breath 3-4 times during the day.
Add 8-10 drops to the wick

See how to use essential oils safely and therapeutically under our Learn Menu

What's In The Bottle?

Master-blended for professional and therapeutic use.
Red Thyme
Cinnamon Leaf
Clove bud
Juniper berry
Tea Tree

Not suitable for long-term topical application.
Not suitable for use in the bath
For external use only
Store in a cool dry place
All suggested dilutions are for adults not children

Key Blend Ingredients

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