Sweet Almond Vegetable oil

Prunus amygdalis var. Dulcis sweet

Moisturising and Protecting


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Sweet Almond oil is a light oil that is rich in vitamin E and squalene making it a good oil to soothe and nourish the skin.  It prevents trans epidermal water loss through the skin helping to keep the skin hydrated.  It is lubricating and supports and protects the barrier function of the skin. 

Therapeutic use:  Prevents moisture loss, Moisturises, Soothes 
Action in a blend: Anti-inflammatory, Hydrating, Protects Barrier function


How To Use

Use as a massage medium or in skin care for clients with:
Normal to Dry skin
To prevent water loss
Essential oils dissolve well in Sweet Almond oil

What's In The Bottle?

Unrefined Sweet Almond oil from Spain

For external use only
Store in a cool dry place
Can be stored in a fridge

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