Wheatgerm Oil

Triticum vulgare

Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic

Size: 100ml
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Wheat germ oil is high in Vitamin E which gives it a high antioxidant action protecting the lipids of the skin from free radical damage.  It is high in phytosterols which makes it an anti-inflammatory action.  It can have up to 1% squalene which makes it an excellent oil of repairing and supporting weather damaged skin.

Therapeutic use:  Psoriasis, Eczema, Red sensitive skin
Action in a blend: Anti-inflammatory, Repairing, protecting
Use in blend at: 5%-15%

How To Use

Add to your massage medium or to a skin care product for clients with:
Skin rashes
Sensitive skin

Essential oils dilute quickly in this oil

What's In The Bottle?

Natural unrefined Wheat germ oil

For external use only
Best stored in the fridge

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