A Wonderful Recipe to Relieve Congestion

Are you tired of feeling congested and stuffy? Do you want a natural and effective way to find relief?

Look no further than essential oil aromatherapy. With their powerful scents and therapeutic properties, essential oils can help clear your airways and relieve congestion. We have compiled a recipe and a blend recommendation to help clear up what ails you.

Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend:

  • Sweet Thyme – a tonic for the whole body, protecting and uplifting
  • Peppermint – A gentle yet powerful decongestant
  • Pine – A great respiratory oil and amazing air purifier

Obus Pre-Made Blend Recommendation:

Obus Breathe Deep Blend - Decongesting, Anti-bacterial, Breaks down mucus.

How to use


  • Put 3 drops of each essential oil or 10 drops of Breathe Deep into a diffuser.
  • Set the diffuser to intermittent diffusion.
  • Enjoy a congestion-free day!


  • Put 5 drops of each essential oil or 15 drops of Breath Deep into 50 ml of Grapeseed Oil or Lotion Base.
  • Apply to chest, back and abdomen 2-3 times a day.
  • Don’t forget to inhale it from your hands after applying – get all those vapours in!

If this blend is for children under 2 omit the Peppermint and use Lavender instead.

Personal Inhaler Stick:

  • Put 3 drops of each essential oil or 10 drops of Breath Deep onto an Inhaler Stick
  • Inhale slowly and deeply, taking 3-4 breathes.
  • Repeat a number of times throughout the day.