Moisturising Lotion Base

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OBUS Moisture lotion base is a beautiful light moisturising base that has an amazing ability to sooth, hydrate and moisturise the skin. 

It contains an all-natural, plant-based humectant that pulls water from the product that binds with the keratin layer of the skin and transfers the restoring properties of water to this layer.  This means that the hydration lasts longer and does not get washed out.  Using the OBUS Moisture lotion on a regular basis has a cumulative effect.  You get an instant feeling of hydration and a long lasting, sustainable effect, which leaves your skin looking and feeling beautifully cared for.

Vitamin E oil and Calendula oil soothes any inflammation or redness in the skin.  They promote healing, helping the skin to look and feel soft and healthy.

OBUS Moisture lotion is an oil and water-based white lotion cream.  This blend of oil to water has many benefits.  It allows heat to be released making this the perfect medium to use for menopausal women, so their body lotion does not increase the uncomfortable feeling of the “menopausal heat”.  This oil-water mix is also the best medium to assist absorption of essential oils into the body.

OBUS Moisture lotion can be used by everyone. It is a wonderful lotion to use daily to care for your skin.  It is also gentle enough to use on the most delicate and fragile skin.  It is suitable for new-born babies and those whose skin has become fragile due to age or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. 

For people who are sensitive to fragrance and aromas, OBUS Moisture lotion is unscented.  Giving you a beautiful lotion, which is fragrance free.  However, it is also a wonderful medium to apply your favourite essential oils to your body.  Essential oils blend beautifully in the lotion and get absorbed quickly into the body. 

How To Use

Use unscented as your daily body moisturiser

Add 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oils to 50ml of OBUS Moisture Lotion Base. Mix well and apply to the body.

Body Moisturiser:
50ml OBUS Moisture Lotion Base
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Patchouli
5 drops Sweet Orange
Apply to your body to moisturise, hydrate, and nurture your skin

Facial Moisturiser:
50ml OBUS Moisture Lotion Base
5 drops OBUS NURTURE essential oil blend
Apply to your face after cleansing
For stiff sore joints:
50ml OBUS Moisture Lotion Base
20 drops OBUS MOVEMENT essential oil blend

Gently apply the blend to the affected joints. Massage in soft, circular movements. Reapply 3-4 times throughout the day

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