By Christine Courtney, Obus Founder

I have been using Aromatherapy as part of my own wellness care since 1996. I know from personal experience how powerfully healing essential oils have been to my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

However, in 1999 when I began teaching, Aromatherapy was only taught as an accompaniment to massage and only about 2-3 oils were recommended for use in pregnancy. The more I watched my students, researched and used essential oils in my clinic the clearer it became that teaching Aromatherapy in this way was limiting the power of what it could be. So, in 2012 OBUS School of Healing Therapies became the only school in Ireland teaching a stand-alone, fully accredited Diploma in Aromatherapy. By focusing on Aromatherapy as the core modality, OBUS students could learn how to work with everyone.

  • From birth to end of life.
  • From those who want to add to their wellness care, to people being treated for serious illnesses such as cancer.
  • Throughout the hormonal journey of women - young girls entering puberty, to women through pregnancy and childbirth, to the wise women at menopause.
  • All of the systems of the body by supporting a strong immune system, mental health, digestive, respiratory, and lymphatic health.

Our specialised Skin Care module teaches students how to identify and treat common skin conditions naturally and safely. And this module can be developed further into learning how to make your own skin care range or your own medicinal balms. In 2015 our Advanced Module was introduced. Teaching the internal use of essential oils with capsules, suppositories, and pessaries, further advancing the use of Aromatherapy in pain management and infection control.

Obus Professional was developed to provide students, and Aromatherapists with a full range of carefully chosen products to help them work with their clients with confidence, and to allow qualified therapists incorporate essential oils safely into their therapies.

Our products and our website are designed to support you the Aromatherapist to blend creatively, therapeutically, and safely, to enable you to make the best blends and treatments you can for your clients. We support and educate complementary therapists who would like to add the healing power of Aromatherapy to their therapies. For the Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Kinesiologist, and Reiki Practitioner we have blended oils, creams, balms, sprays, rollers. Professionally blended products for:

  • Sports Massage therapists to use pre and post massage
  • Holistic Massage therapists to use with Massage and as after care
  • Reflexologists to use during and post treatment
  • Room sprays for Reiki Practitioners
  • Diffusion blends to create a supportive atmosphere for the therapist and client
  • Single and blended oils for Kinesiologists to offer support to their clients