Christine Courtney - Obus

After a life altering car crash in 1993 Christine took her interests in holistic living and complementary health more seriously. Following her successful corporate career she retrained as an Aromatherapy, Massage and Reiki tutor.

Graduating in 1997 with qualifications from Shirley Price Aromatherapy, ITEC and IFPA she began to see clients, and trained her first students shortly thereafter.

As her school grew, she founded Obus School and Wellness centre in Co. Kildare in 2005. Running a world class therapeutic clinic, inviting exciting international experts to teach and expanding the range of professional diplomas and cutting edge CPD courses on offer was the focus of this new space.

Whilst running Obus School and Wellness Centre Christine has continued to teach around the globe including: Taiwan, China, USA, Malta, Trinity College, Dublin University, Drogheda Institute of Further Education.

As an extension of running a busy clinic and training professional therapists, Christine began sourcing higher quality essential oils than she could easily find in retailers, and began experimenting with formulating therapeutic blends. These blends, first made for clients, and then her own students have become Obus Professional.

She is passionate about educating practitioners and the public about the research-informed healing power of essential oils and how to safely use them.


Christine's Credentials