At OBUS we have been using essential oils in the therapeutic context for 25 years, and training professional therapists for 22. We care deeply about the impact of our oils on practitioners, their clients and the planet which we inhabit.

Trusted suppliers
By working with trusted suppliers we ensure that our oils follow best practices for both farmers, the planet and our clients. When working with agriculture, there is no one size fits all approach, and plants and their essential oil products need to be considered on a case by case basis.

Respectful Sourcing
Considering the plant source is our first prerogative when we source. Knowing plants and their cultivation is key to making wise choices. For example, in field cultivation Peppermint is prone to mould and so is often heavily sprayed, therefore we only source organic Peppermint. On the other hand, with wood oils like Cedarwood and Sandalwood, cultivated sources are more sustainable than wild sources. So, we source our Cedarwood from France rather than Morocco and our Sandalwood from Australian plantations rather than wild sources in India. While organic is preferred we prioritise sustainable over organic on a case by case basis.

Research Driven
Intimate knowledge of plants produces solid guidelines for great products. We recommend effective therapeutic doses that enhance your client’s treatment, while reducing likelihood of irritation. We have pre-blended products at safe dilutions for those who wish to incorporate essential oils in their treatments. And we also publish clear and extensive recommended dilutions on all undiluted products. Working safely for our clients is our top priority, and we do not encourage excessive unsafe practices. On the other hand, we are very up to date on modern literature around pregnancy and cancer, and do not needlessly scare people about working with more fragile clients, and encourage them to use essential oils in ways that enhance treatments with these patients in a safe and sustainable way. 


Trusted suppliers, respectful sourcing, and research driven, that is What’s In The Bottle, in addition to incredibly therapeutic and great smelling botanicals.