Clary Sage - Organic

Salvia sclarea

Supports the female reproductive system throughout life


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Clary Sage is a complex oil with over 450 individual constituents making it a very important essential oil in any aromatherapists kit.  It is anti-spasmodic and is very effective for the relief of muscular tension and pain.  It eases uterine and bronchial spasms.  It is a euphoric and is beneficial for anxiety and stress.  Helps relieve the symptoms of PMS/PMT and regulates menstrual cycle. Once labour has begun inhaling Clary Sage can help to ease the pain and accelerate the labour.

Smell Note Deep herbal, woody aroma
Therapeutic Use Aches and Pains, PMS, Anxiety, Hormonal Balancer
Mental & Emotional Eases anxiety and uplifts the mood
Use In Massage, Skin, Bath, Diffuser, Inhaler Stick

How To Use

Use in a personal inhaler to ease anxiety and support topical application for hormonal balance
Use in a diffuser to uplift and ease anxiety and emotional tension.

Use between 1%- 5% in body massage or tropical use

As a support for female reproductive system: Geranium, Rose, Fennel, Sage
As a nervous system support during stressful times: Clary Sage, Palmarosa, Lavender
As a muscular relaxant: Lavender, Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile

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What's In The Bottle?

Steam distilled from the fresh organic flowering tops and foliage of Clary Sage grown in France

Always dilute before application to the skin
Always dilute before use in the bath
Do not use essential oils topically on children under 3 months
All percentages given are for healthy adults
Safe for use in a stable pregnancy

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