Comfrey Infused Oil

Repairing, Healing

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Knit Bone is the common name for Comfrey because it is commonly used for healing breaks, sprains, and strains.  It is an exceptional oil for healing anything broken, bone, tendon, muscle, and skin.  One of its main active ingredients is Allantoin which is healing and anti-inflammatory. 

Therapeutic Use Anti-inflammatory, Healing  
Action in a blend: Broken bones, Sprains, Wounds
Use in blend at: 5%-25%         

How To Use

Add to a massage blend or a skin care product at 5%-25% for clients with:
Broken Bones
Trauma to the skin and tissue

Do not use on open wounds
Use with caution on children

What's In The Bottle?

Symphytum officinalis
Comfrey Leaf infused in Sweet Almond oil

For external use only
Store in a cool dry place, stores well in a fridge

Key Blend Ingredients

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