Peppermint Aromatic Water

Mentha x piperita

Calms, Soothes

Size: 100ml
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Peppermint water is an excellent digestive aid.  Add 30ml to warm water and drink as a tea after eating to aid digestion.  It is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. Dilute it 50/50 with water and sip for travel sickness and nausea.   Use in a spray to cool irritated skin. 

Smell note: Smells like crushed mint leaves
Therapeutic use Stimulating, Cooling, Anti-inflammatory
Uses Mist, Herbal Tea, Compress

How To Use

Not suitable for use in a bath

Add to a spray bottle and use as a facial spritz to enliven and awaken
Can be used as a mist undiluted or diluted in water up to 50%

Add 10ml to warm or cold water and drink as a soothing drink to ease or prevent indigestion

Use undiluted or diluted 1 to 4 in warm or cold water. Soak a cloth in the aromatic blend and apply to sunburn, inflamed skin, and sprains to ease pain and inflammation.

See how to use essential oils safely and therapeutically under our Learn menu

What's In The Bottle?

Peppermint water distilled from fresh mint

Mentha Piperita Leaf Water

Not suitable for use with children under 2 years of age

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