Organic Rose Water

Organic Rosa damascena

Calms, Soothes

Size: 100ml
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This beautiful water can be used for almost any reason.  It is a hormonal balancer and a mood enhancer.  It is wonderful in skin care.  It is a humectant, and it hydrates the skin and helps the skin retain moisture.  It can be used for all skin types, normal to dry, mature, sensitive, and dull skin.    It is also a great aromatic water to use for hypersensitive skin. 

It is an excellent Aromatic Water to drink to calm anxiety and ease a broken heart.   This is also a lovely Aromatic Water to add to a bath to unwind before bedtime.

Smell note: Smells exactly like a fresh rose! 
Therapeutic use Skin Care, Hormonal Balance, Uplifting
Uses Bath, Mist, Herbal Tea, Skin Care, Compress

How To Use

Add up to 100ml to an adult bath

Add to a spray bottle and use as a facial spritz or a room spray
Can be used as a mist undiluted or diluted in water up to 50%

Add 10ml to warm or cold water and drink as a soothing drink to ease a broken heart

Add to a spray bottle and use as a skin toner during your daily skin care routine.

Use undiluted or diluted 1 to 4 in warm or cold water. Soak a cloth in the aromatic blend and apply to sunburn, inflamed skin or to ease pain and inflammation.

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What's In The Bottle?

Rose water distilled from organic rose petals

Rosa Damascena Flower Water

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