Blossoming Heart By Robbi Zeck

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This wonderful book shows us how to navigate our lives into a place of quiet reflection.
Influenced by the powers of scent, The Blossoming Heart calls us to our deeper heart, where we can take a pause, enjoy time to be and experience emotional renewal.

Graceful in form and thought this innovate and inspirational book brings a fresh approach to the art of aromatherapy using essential oils to enhance your emotional care and wellbeing.


"Rosemary Essential oil
When familiar patterns, conditions, habits and beliefs keep resurfacing and manifesting in your life, Rosemary moves you onward, freeing you from restriction, sluggishness and mental fatigue.

Like a tiny seedpod of creativity bursting into life, Rosemary stimulates the psyche while tapping into the enormous riches of the creative realm.
Recharge your creative batteries, reconnect to your creative fire and allow the next part of your cycle to emerge................"

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Blossoming Heart By Robbi Zeck - Obus Professional - Ireland
Blossoming Heart By Robbi Zeck
Sale price€30,00 EUR
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