Blossoming Heart Cards By Robbi Zeck

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The BLOSSOMING HEART CARD DECK has been designed to accompany the BLOSSOMING HEART BOOK

There are 60 cards.
Each card has a Blossoming Heart Essential Oil Affirmation to encourage heartfelt enquiry into your life. 

They also complement the beauty and heartfulness experienced in each of the Aromatic Kinesiology workshops lead by Robbi Zeck 

To use the cards simply hold them in your hands and take a quite reflective pause … 

Think about an area of your life where you desire clarification, direction, or support.

Shuffle the cards and choose one you are drawn towards.

Reading the card while inhaling the essential helps to bring awareness to your inner world of emotions or the state of mind that you need to direct your attention towards at this time, subtly shifting you from a phase of contraction into a phase of expansion. 

Reading The Essential Oil Reflection in The Blossoming Heart book brings a deeper awareness of your current state of being 

Continue to think about the reflection and affirmation throughout your day. 

Your chosen essential oil can also be used in your diffuser, personal inhaler, bath, or massage.

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Blossoming Heart Cards By Robbi Zeck - Obus Professional - Ireland
Blossoming Heart Cards By Robbi Zeck
Sale price€35,00 EUR
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