Christmas Gift Set - Comet Diffuser

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Obus is excited to bring you a great gift set this holiday season to give to yourself or someone you love. Package includes:

COMET DIFFUSER, which can diffuse for up to 18 hours.  Set it to diffuse in the morning and just let it do its work! It is 24cm (10ins) tall and the frosted glass case gives a gentle light as it diffuses.

Plus, three essential oil blends:

This beautiful blend whispers “you are home”. The deep earthy aroma of Vetiver anchors you, Lavender and Geranium combine to balance your internal landscape, while Grapefruit uplifts the spirit.

A lovely daytime blend that helps to bring clarity to your thinking and sharpens your memory. Ideal oil to diffuse during the day while working or studying.

This is a synergistic blend of some of the most powerful essential oils available. The beautiful lemony aroma of Lemongrass and Lemon combines perfectly with the deep protecting aromas of Cinnamon Leaf and Red Thyme

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Comet Christmas Gift Set Obus Professional
Christmas Gift Set - Comet Diffuser
Sale price€94,00 EUR
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