Immune System Support and Protection Recipe

This recipe contains essential oils that are excellent at stimulating and strengthening your natural immunity.

Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend:

  • Lemongrass - is an air cleanser and a great support for the immune system.
  • Clove – is a strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral oil.
  • Tea Tree – protects and restores the body and is an amazing anti-microbial oil.

Obus Pre-Made Blend Recommendation:

Obus Protection Blend - Formulated to be an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal oil, it offers great protection when illness is “in the air”.


    Use blend in three different ways


    1. Put three drops of each oil in the recipe above or ten drops of Obus Protection Blend into a diffuser
    2. Set the diffuser to intermittent diffusion.
    3. Enjoy the beautiful aroma as it clears the bugs.


    Steam inhalation

    1. Add one drop of each oil in the recipe above or three drops of Protection Blend to a steam inhaler.  Close your eyes.
    2. Breathe slowly and deeply over the inhaler for 1-2 minutes twice daily.

    Personal Inhaler stick

    1. Put three drops of each oil onto an inhaler stick.
    2. Inhale slowly and deeply, taking 3-4 breathes.
    3. Do that a number of times throughout the day.
    4. Continue to use through the winter season.