Person doing yoga on the beach - Obus Professional

Using essential oils with anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties on your body helps to keep it moving and eases aches and pains. 

Ingredients for Your Own Essential Oil Blend:

  • Black Pepper - warms and decongests the muscles and joints
  • Ginger - eases inflammation and pain
  • Cajuput - relieves stiffness and eases pain

Prepare The Blend:

5 drops Black Pepper
5 drops Ginger
5 drops Cajuput


Obus Pre-Blended Choice:

15 drops of the OBUS Movement Blend - This blend was formulated to bring movement to stiff joints and sore muscles. 

Add Either Blend to:

50ml of Grapeseed or 50ml of OBUS Moisturising Lotion base if you prefer lotion to oil.

Apply The Lotion or Oil

Apply topically:
For greatest absorption, apply to your body after a shower or bath when your muscles are warm. 

Or vigorously rub your joints or muscles to create warmth and increase blood flow before apply applying the lotion or oil.

Use a hot pack:
If your joints are sore following a day of activity, apply the lotion or oil to your joints and place a warmed hot pack over the joints to aid absorption of the essential oils. Make sure to move the joints when you remove the hot pack.

Have a bath:
Apply this lotion or oil to your body before you have a bath, adding extra to the muscles and joints that are sore. Relax for 10-15 minutes. Once you have dried your body apply the blend again! Works wonders.

Increase the strength of the blend:

Substitute 50ml Grapeseed for:
25ml Grapeseed and 25ml Arnica infused oil for added pain relief. Do not apply Arnica infused oil to broken skin.


25ml Grapeseed and 25ml Calendula infused oil for added anti-inflammatory action. 

Always remember to inhale the blend from your hands after applying - get those vapours into the body.